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Thanks for your interest in guest posting opportunities at whereapy.

What are we looking for?

Since the main focus of this site is practice building for therapists, and the main audience is therapists, only topics pertaining to therapy are accepted. Some potential topics:

  • Fresh out of school and building a practice 
  • Entrepreneurial therapist interviews
  • Social media tips for therapists
  • Networking for therapists
  • Business development for independent therapists
  • New technology and software for private practice management
  • Marketing for therapy businesses
  • History and development of therapy (BIG history nerds here!)

Needless to say, if the post isn’t geared towards therapy, it’s going to be a hard sell!

Any catches?

  • The article that you write for whereapy must be original. This means that you wrote it, and it is not published on any other website, including your own. I’m sure you're aware that duplicate content is a big no-no on Google, let's not go there.
  • Whereapy reserves the right to edit your post, for grammar and to add internal links to relevant content.

How soon will I know if my post has been approved?

The content team will read any articles/ideas submitted as soon as possible. We will email you the status within a week or two.

Guest Post Guidelines

  • Please send guest posts here
  • One image is permitted and must be no larger than 600 pixels wide. All images must include credits and permissions.
  • Please include source links in your post – solid sources – no spam sites.
  • Please do not include affiliate links.
  • Posts must be in English.
  • Posts should be between 650 and 1500 words
  • Be sure to attach your author byline. Also, feel free to include your Twitter handle if you have one.
  • You will be notified by email the day your post goes live. The more you return to your post and reply to comments, the more discussion will likely happen which will encourage more sharing – good feelings all around.

Does the Whereapy team guest post for other sites?

YES! We have written guest posts on Personal Development, Blogging, Social History of Medicine, and Client Care on PsychCentral, FeelGooder and ProBlogger.

If you would like Heather Gaskill (LCSW) or Leigh Stevens (CMT) to guest post for your site, please contact us and tell us what you need.

Whereapy Commenting Policy

What we like:

  • Kind, curious, on-topic discussions that add value to the post.

What we don't like and won't publish:

  • Spammy, useless comments on the order of: "Great Post! Buy Uggggggg Boots!"  "Cool!"
  • Links to online pharmacy or spam sites of any kind. All links will be checked. If you provide a great comment but link to a crappy site, we may post the comment without the link or we may nix the comment altogether.

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