Edwardian Physical Therapy - Steampunk Style

Edwardian Physical Therapy - Steampunk Man

And you thought stair steppers were invented in the 1980's... take a look at this gentleman rocking it old school. Physical culture was the term used prior to physical fitness - then as now, exercise equipment could be used for general health maintenance or as a part of rehabilitation following an illness or accident.


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Motivates you to "hit your modern gym - NOW! - and be happy about it"; doesn't it? Seriously, though - raises a good question: if the benefits of "physical fitness" (or physical "culture" - back then) have been known for so long; WHY are we - as a whole - still so physically "unfit"? What's missing is the motivation factor, but why?

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I have a lot to say about this - some possible reasons:

Food scarcity and vitamin/nutrient issues were more of an issue then (Of course, the wealthier you were the more you could side step this issue and get a greater variety and quality of food.) Now, we have plenty of vitamins added to our food but also, more of it, more carbs... more sugar... more fats.

We move far less than before - just general walking around and picking stuff up.

We are still depressed and anxious - but now we have more cheap food to fill the void.

Physical culture in practice then was just as middle class as physical fitness is today - you have to have some leisure time to educate yourself, pursue it and pay for it. Seeing that the middle class is shrinking...

How civilized to be exercising in business attire!

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Indeed! in time before deodorant no less - let's hope he showered after!

Wow lol, well there you go! Who knew?

Cool post!