Acupuncture Hands Feet

Acupuncture Hands Feet
  • Community Acupuncture photo, demonstrating hands placing and acupuncture needle in a foot.
  • Photo credit: Jaimie Windon of theblondephotographer for whereapy.

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Oh my gosh - that looks so scary! I am terrified of needles - not sure why but they just give me the heebie-jeebies! I am sure that acupuncture is super helpful though - if I could just get past the needles!!!

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Actually it's very gentle - the needles are super, super thin. Then again, I'm more adventurous and have a few friends who are acupuncturists so perhaps I'm disposed to give it a shot.

Still not sure if I would ever try acupuncture or not...


Loving this alternative medication!